Cute & Great Ways To Gift Wrap

Running out of ideas to creatively wrap your gift this year? Here are some unique and quirky ways to present your gift to that special someone. Starting from a simple and easy to make triangle card box made by Arcadia Organic Tea to store tea that could also suitable for wrapping jewelry or any tiny heartfelt gift.

Japanese origami inspired gift wrap idea. If you look closely you will see a figure of a lady wearing a Kimono, a definite conversation striker and quite frankly an interesting piece to look at.

I do not know about you, but I find this way more interesting. It took me a while to digest that this is actually wool packaging called Wolly Heads from Rellana Wool. A quirky way to use the gift itself as a major element to present it.
Wrap that scarf and serve a cupcake? Not a bad idea. This is a simple yet creative way to gift wrap this holiday season from ibecks on Craftster.

And finally, wrap it up with the latest news found on The Children's Nest! A touch of the red stripe ribbon in the flower petals really brakes the monotonous of the newspaper color and the neatly refined lines of the of the lettering. A nice way to wrap with news paper or any kind of striped pattern wrapping paper. 

So wrap it up and have a great holiday! For those celebrating Christma, I'd like to wish an early Happy Christmas and have fun!

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