How To Buy The Best Handbag

When it comes to handbags, we know that deep inside we are always competing. Finding ourselves peeping at the lady walking by just to catch the glimpse of the label. Putting a smile on our faces when we know that we had won. What is a handbag to you? To me it is my best friend. I need it with me everywhere I go.
What comes to mind when looking for the best handbag, the kind that screams high fashion and personal style. To me, it is the leather. Because I believe that the smell of leather make a whole lot of difference. We all know that great materials are made out of quality. And what defines quality? The LABEL. Now, be very careful when looking for labels because some might be demeaning.
Ages ago we bought a patent leather handbag from Bally. Probably the biggest mistake ever because I just got to know that the stains are highly difficult to remove. So just recently, I head to the nearest Bally outlet in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Sadly, not to buy a new one, but to seek special care and service to remove the stains from my past on the patent leather. Only to find out the unfortunate truth that a franchise outlet do not offer service for any of their goods. It was not the kind of answer anyone who had spent and expecting every penny's worth would want to hear. It got me thinking, how any more of it out there.
So I've decided to part my ways and head to something better. I upgrade to Coach in white leather. Lustrous soft leather with fine a silky leather. Since I care about the handbag, I shared my concern about the service. Eager to please, the sales assistant said; 'No problem!' I wore it every minute after that day. Soon I needed help to to polish and take away mild stains and head off to the Coach outlet with nothing but high hopes. I had to show them my receipt, as if they could not check for the authentication, filled in my particulars and handed the handbag to the counter. I asked casually when can I expect it to be ready, thinking that it might only take a few days, but to my greatest surprise, the lady said blindly 'two weeks'. Looking at my surprised face, the lady complained that there's too many handbags to service over the holidays. So I secretly console myself to give them another chance.
For two weeks I had to use my Dior and loving every minute of it. Until one day the zip broke and I had to get it fixed. So I head out to the Dior outlet and told them all about it. The process was effortless, no forms, no receipts. All they did was check the code and the rest of the handbag. There were tags on everything, the leather, the liner, the zips, the buckle and so on. In five minutes I was out of there wearing my Braun Buffel handbag that I adore so much. I just love the details on a Braun Buffel.
The next day I received a call from a Coach to pick up my handbag. I  rushed out to claim it and cant wait to see my polished white leather handbag as if it was new. But all hopes and dreams vanished when I saw my handbag just like it was before. It looked like it was not even touched. I expressed my desperation to the lady behind the counter and all she said was, sorry. For me, getting false hope and empty promises is the worse feeling in the world.
So ladies, weight your options before you buy. It is not just all about the best design but also what bonus do they offer. Be very sure that you get the best out of everything.

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