Where to sell your product online

Still thinking where should you sell your product? Well the answer goes back to the type of product are you selling. The key solution is to know your product and study the nature and service offered by online business hub. Here are some insights I would like to share with you on this subject;
  1. Ebay. Labeled as the no.1 online business hub offers the best protection for seller and buyers. With a feature that lets you put up an item for online auction. However, special features comes with a price. Seller have to be absolutely careful in describing your product, because of of the limitations for free stuff. Put up another picture and you will get charged a sum of money into your item's price. Put up a higher price and you'll get charged more and earn less.  
  2. Etsy. Similar to ebay is an online business hub but focusing on arts and crafts. Mostly self made and a showcase of rare talents. Features in it are not bad with higher pictures resolution and free form of product descriptions, unlike ebay. But imagine competing with the rest of the seller in one hub, things can get ugly. Unless you’re selling a niche product, than you can forget about it. Etsy also provide a wide range opportunity for sellers to reach the target buyer by making it easy for them to search for it. But then again each features will be charged to the item. 
  3. Blogs could also be the best solutions, although it requires more effort than just filling in a form and uploading images. But it can open you up to ways on how to make money through advertising, depends on whether you see the cup half full or half empty. If you are a true believer that the best things in life are free, than this is where you should be. There are some tips that you need to know before you start though, it can help built your fan base and increase traffic to your blog. Master them and you will be up and running in no time.  
  4. For those who are looking for selling information or e books, than amazon is the best brand. But it comes with a price and personally I think that it is worth it because amazon provides secured information distribution. Which is very useful for you to protect your product and not letting anyone hack your system and get it for free. 
  5. Consultancy field like illustrator, 3D graphic designer, architect or animator needs a site to display portfolios and previous work. Self branding is very important in this field, and there are some potential sites that can support your needs for free such as LinkedIn, or Behance. Where images could be uploaded and grouped by project, creating a online presentation for potential clients to view.
Whatever it is, just make sure that you have a business plan before you start with anything. Good luck and all the best!

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