How to Make Free and Easy Watermark for your Photos

Watermark is actually to personalize your pictures and most importantly to avoid people from stealing it. Especially if you are a photographer in the making, or selling cup cakes. It is a method for owning copyrights for your digital images. The idea is to stamp your pictures with your logo or name so that you don't have to worry when people copy and save your pictures to their desktop.

I find it is really irritating when people use your product pictures and sell it as their own. So here are some step by step guide to create your own watermark on Picnic for FREE.

1. If you have a flickr account or picasa account, you can upload your photos to your photostream and choose a picture and click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Edit photo in Picnic’. 

New Picture.bmp

2. Your image will appear in Picnic for editing (like the picture below). And click on the ‘Create’ tab to further edit and insert text.

New Picture (1).bmp

3. After you click ‘Create’ tab, you can see the editing functions below. The beauty about Picnic is that you can adjust and create text, inserts symbols, it is the next best thing if you do not have Photoshop. Ok, back to subject, click on the ‘Text’ button to create your text.

New Picture (2).bmp

4. Once you’ve type in your text, you can adjust the size and type of text that you like.

New Picture (3).bmp

5. Simply adjust the transparency of your text with the ‘Fade’ bar below the color table.

New Picture (4).bmp

New Picture (5).bmp

6. Remember to click ‘save’ on the top right window and you are set to go!

New Picture (6).bmp

That’s it! Link it your profile and you are done. Good luck!

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  1. This was an awesome tool. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.