How To Choose a Baby Carrier

There are many ways to assist you carry your baby especially after or within your confinement period. Here are some our views on the baby wrap, carrier and slings that will help you decide.

Moby Wrap - 100% cotton that comes with cute and flattering designs. It can easily suit mane body type and can easily adapt to any body figure. It is actually a 5.5meter long piece of high quality stretchable cotton cloth that you wrap around your body in such a way that can distribute the tension to your back. It is very comfortable and you do not have to worry about loosing weight or gaining weight. Moby wrap is highly flexible and offers a wide variety of positions for you to carry your baby. However, it might be a tad tedious to put on and uncomfortable in hot weather.

BabyBjorn baby carrier - This was my pick, it is easy to get in Kuala Lumpur. It is comfortable at first until my baby insisted to be carried around with her head facing forward and the safety padding always ends up in her mouth. But for as long as I have had it, it was comfortable with the awesome back support that I like so much. It is really easy to put on and adjust your body and height. Plus it is fairly simple and comes in a light weight and airy material suitable for hot climate however, it only offers a limited position for you to carry your child.
Maya Wrap Ring Sling - Mostly comes in organic cotton material woven and sizes you need to choose from. It is little hard to choose a size when we are working hard to improve our body right? Anyway, this is less complicated than Moby Wraps and personally I feel not as secured. The sling starts from one of your shoulders and goes across your back to your waist and secure your baby from the side and front.
I am not an expert, but on a personal view, I don't quite like the contour it gives to the baby's posture. 

PortaMEe carrier - Trendy and perfect for the busy urban Mom. Incorporated diaper bag, zipped pouches for purse to PDAs and have it's own spot for milk bottles. everything around your waist and within hand's reach. Hip and trendy baby gear. Visit PortaMEe for more info>>

Now all you have to do is make a choice. But always remember to choose the best that suits you lifestyle. If you are a trendy Mom and always on the go, than get the easiest to put on and move around with. If you are having trouble with your back, than get one with the best support. 

Good luck and Happy Parenting!

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