Funny Faces

I had a fun day today. I took a couple of hours off work today and spend some time with Adreana. Making jokes and funny faces. It feels good when I get to cook a meal for my family especially after a hard long weekend setting up Soulbeads Shoppe, setting up links over the web and making new prayer beads to add to our Soulbeads collection. Those tiny ones are definitely a pain when I am always seeking for perfection! But after the 3rd attempt of making it as seamless as possible and with no visible connections at all, I managed to come up with a rather smart and simple idea to connect the beads without using needles that will never fit in the hole. So 1am to 4am I managed finish 6 prayer beads and update my blogshop. Which was cool since I get to sleep after Subuh and get up fresh at 9am this morning and have the energy to make funny faces for my beautiful baby. Making her laugh and smile helps take the edge of my hectic schedule.  

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